Key Numbers 2023 Business Builder

Tax reference numbers at a glace.

IRS Increases 401(k) Limit By Record Amounts

As inflation soars, you can now save a lot more for your retirement. On October 21st, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced that the amount individuals can contribute to their 401(k) plans in 2023 has increased to $22,500, up from $20,500 for 2022.

Understanding Capital Gains Tax as an Investor

As an investor, you may be impacted by capital gains if you sell your investment – whether at a gain or loss. Understanding capital gains may help with your overall investment strategy and the potential to preserve your wealth.

QCDs: Donating and Gift Giving Through Your IRA

A qualified charitable distribution, or QCD, allows you to distribute funds from your IRA to an eligible charity.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree: 5 Christmas Tree Facts

During the Christmas season, you may find almost every manner of Christmas tree, from plastic-colored versions to fresh-cut ones that are stories high. Here are some fun facts about Christmas trees you may not know.

LPL Financial Research Outlook 2023: Finding Balance

Through all the challenges, newfound opportunities, and every high and low we’ve experienced during the last couple of years, it’s no surprise why we might be striving for more balance.