Family Wealth Planning

To lead "the good life," you need to make informed financial decisions in this ever-changing world. LCJ Associates Inc. can help you make those decisions so you can pursue the life you dream of living.

Would you enjoy more family time, and less time worrying about money and business issues? Would you like the freedom to travel more, enjoy new adventures, and make work optional?


Investing for Wealth 


One of the keys to a successful investment strategy is to diversify your investment risk. However, many business owners have their wealth concentrated in their companies, and many families and individuals have disproportionate assets tied to one stock, or one sector of the financial market. While there is no guarantee that a diversified porfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio, and while diversification does not protect against market risk, Joseph and Charles can help you create a broadly diversified investment portfolio to help insulate your wealth and well-being in the event of business trouble, the decline of an industry, or a market downturn.


Financial Planning 


As your portfolio is designed with investments that seek to help you advance and protect your wealth, it is important to do so within the context of meeting your long-range financial goals. Joseph and Charles can help you define your life goals in financial terms and create a long-range financial plan to use your wealth ultimately for yourself or for others. 


Estate & Legacy Planning


In addition to creating financial planning models that help clients enjoy their wealth while alive, Joseph and Charles have extensive experience in estate planning strategies and techniques to help you leave a financial legacy to the people and causes you care for most. Stretching IRAs, arranging charitable gifts, creating and implementing tax-advantaged trusts are all useful strategies when you choose to leave a legacy for your heirs and your community. We work with attorneys and other family advisors so your wishes are carried out as you want them to be. As part of our planning process, we offer complimentary review of asset titling, funding of trusts, and determining whether or not your documents need to be updated for changes in the law.


Portfolio Review & Cash Flow Analysis 


The ideal retirement investment portfolio provides you with income that meets your expenses now and as your needs change over time.

The ideal retirement investment portfolio provides you with income that meets your expenses now and increases as your needs increase for the rest of your life.

We will work with you to understand your income needs in retirement and thoughtfully construct portfolios to help work toward both of these objectives. We then review your income requirements each year and make adjustments as your income and expenses evolve. 


Insurance Review


Insurance is an essential building block in protecting your family's well-being while you're working, in retirement and providing a lifetime lasting legacy for your loved ones.

We help clients review their insurance programs as their family needs continually change. As independent insurance agents, we work with the top insurance carriers to provide you with best protection for you and your loved ones.


Tax Reduction


Federal and state tax codes are complicated, confusing and ever changing. However, there are many opportunities to defer or reduce income taxes and to restructure assets to reduce or even eliminate estate taxes. We can identify the right strategy for you, your family or your business and help you take advantage of them.