Business Planning

There are a variety of exit strategies you may choose when you want to sell your business or pass it on to your children. Whether you cash out, do a structured sale (ESOP) or transfer ownership interest to another person, you will likely walk away from your business with a measureable profit. Joseph and Charles can help you and your CPA select and implement the optimal sales technique that will help you maximize the available tax advantages and best position your wealth for your retirement income and legacy planning. 

Medical Plan Pricing

Many business owners worry that group health insurance is the one line item they can't control. We can help you manage those costs through rebidding your current plan or designing a new plan customized to your businesses needs. 

Pension Strategies

Employer sponsored retirement strategies are a smart way for business owners and employees save pre-tax income for retirement. Depending on your business, the best plan for you might be a 401(k), SEP, SARSEP, Profit-Sharing Plan, ESOP or a defined benefit plan. We weigh the advantages of different plans with you to help you select the plan that provides you the maximum tax deduction and retirement contribution. 

Buy/Sell Agreements & Business Evaluations

Any business with multiple owners, such as a family-owned business or a partnership, must create a contingency strategy in the event that an owner should leave the business. Ask us how we can protect you, your family and your partners from untimely death or disability, and at the same time give your business the capital so that you or your partner can leave the business on your own terms.

Employee Benefits Programs & No-Cost Employer Benefit Programs

We help employers retain their best employees and attract new hires by helping them offer custom benefit plans at little or no cost. You can offer benefits such as dental, life and catastrophic insurance at a discount with little administrative effort. Ask us how we can make your business more competitive in the employee market place.